Our Story


I am delighted and honored you have found your way here. My fascination with the art of distilling began in 2014 to deepen my knowledge of healing plants.  From that love and fascination, Holy Waters came to fruition. I remain by the alchemical process, versatility, and effectiveness that our organic Hydrosols embody.  

 Holy Waters Apothecary is a small-batch, handcrafted skin care collection made in Humboldt County, Northern California.  Our organic plant materials are grown and sourced in California and the Pacific Northwest at large. The small organic family farms we work with allow us to formulate luxurious and effective products with the highest quality ingredients. We distill our own essential oils and Hydrosols using a handmade copper still. While this method is centuries old and time consuming, it allows the plants to retain their healing properties. 

 You will not find synthetic chemicals, fragrances, or extractions in any of our products. We do not test on animals. All ingredients are organic, non-gmo, paraben and sulfate free. The packaging is minimal cobalt glass bottles that are made in the USA.

 Our Hydrosol production is intimate, seasonal, and artisanal. We produce living colloidal extractions that cannot be mass produced with the level of integrity and quality they posses in our grass roots foundation. My hands and heart are embedded in each phase of harvest, distillation, and bottling.

Holy Waters is a channel of gratitude to the sacred and healing properties of hydrosols that have woven their threads throughout history.  I humbly invite you to nourish your body and spirit with Holy Waters Apothecary.

 with love, Meghan